Q: What is the Seasonal "Treat Myself" box and why would I choose it over a gift box?

A: If you love getting happy mail, enjoy surprises, want to support local makers and like what you see in the past boxes, you should give it a try. Really this is for the person who wants to treat themselves to a gift... added bonus they are great value at 20% below retail value. 


Q: I am worried about receiving items that will end up as junk or clutter in my house.

A: We completely understand. We don't like or want clutter either and to this end, our boxes are all high quality and contain items that even if they aren't your style, will make beautiful gifts. We do not source from discount wholesalers but support local makers by purchasing their most popular and in season items. 

Q: What happens if I don't like the box and want to return it.

A: We don't do returns unless you receive a damaged item, then we will replace it. Please let us know within 3 days. Being a small business we don't have the capacity to accommodate returns. If you are unhappy, please contact us and we will do our best to come up with a solution. 

Q: How does the local drop off work?

A: If you live in the Victoria area or want to give a gift to someone here, select the local delivery option at check out and we will deliver the item and skip the high prices of shipping.