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Bubble Box

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A sweet little gift for your bath lover. This is all you need for a refreshing bubble bath to calm your body and lift your spirit. 

This gift includes:

~ Eucalyptus Mint Bubble Bath from Bloom Body Co $22

Gentle, skin softening, non-drying, beautifully scented with pure essential oils, bubble bath that gives luxurious long lasting bubbles.

~ Morning Candle from Harlow Skin Co $34

Wake up with aromas of Spanish Lavender, lemon peel and eucalyptus. Essential oil, soy candle fashioned with a wood wick for aesthetic and clean burn. 

~Natural Sea Sponge from CureSoaps $6

100% earth friendly Sea Sponges that are biodegradable and leave behind no harmful synthetic byproducts of any kind, from when they are harvested to when they are finally replaced, you can feel good knowing that they are completely safe for your home and the environment.